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Triple Triad is a card game that was originally played in the Squaresoft video game Final Fantasy VIII. The game is played by placing cards on a 3x3 board and trying to using your card's strengths to overpower your opponent's cards. This wiki exists to provide a straightforward way for players to get a starter deck of cards, and play others, accumulating more cards along the way. If you have questions about how the game is played or how you can sign up to join in on the fun, check out the links below!

Student Enrollment

To get your starter deck so you can start playing!

Triple Triad 101

Come down to the class for a lesson in the game, and ask some questions.


The first open arena you may challenge any opponent in.

Balamb Garden Cafeteria

Come here for general discussion about the game.

Student Register

Here you will find a list of the cards each player has.

Card Shop

Spend that hard earned Gil on shiny new cards.


Where you will find the standings as well as a match log.


If a special event is happening, this is where you'll find it.